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The Founders

The New Prague Sportsmans Club was established in the late 1920's and the pioneers of the organization were Emil Svoboda, Bill Wrabek, Charlie Wrabek, George Kocina, Jack Cihlar, Ed Kucera, Pete Cihlar, Hubert Barten and Art Picha.  Pete Cihlar was the first club president.  The first so called organized Sportmans Meeting was held at Charlie Wrabek's creek in 1929, which was located just outside of the New Prague City limits.  There they enjoyed a concoction of home brew with the first fish fry held by the club.

Two individuals, Jack Cihlar and Hubert Barten were very involved with Fish/Game Management and preserving natural refuge and resources for game in this area.  These two people were very active and helped carry the clubs interests to about 1947.  With memberships growing year by year the club voted on holding their meetings in the New Prague City hall, then voted again to hold meetings at the New Prague Park Ballroom, at which is presently the meeting location.  The meetings are held every last Thursday of each month.

Past Presidents 

  • Pete Cihlar: 1st President 1928 
  • Dr. A.M. Sladek
  • Ed Bartazal
  • Dick Korbel
  • Ed Simon
  • Charlie Bartusek
  • Arnie Ambroz
  • Jerry Kajer
  • Fritz Vavra
  • John Simon Jr.
  • Lee Church
  • Ben Cervenka
  • Larry Bisek
  • Dennis Giesen
  • Phil Simon
  • Steve Schmitz
  • Kenny Tietz
  • Tom Sokup
  • John Busch
  • Dennis Tietz
  • Billy Bartusek

Aeration History  

In 1978 the New Prague Sportsmans Club with the help of the Minnesota D.N.R. in funding started an aeration project for Cedar Lake to reduce the chance of winter kill.  The club purchased 8 2hp aerators which were put out by club members in early December and taken out at the end of March.

Being that Cedar Lake is a rather shallow and small lake the club started the Save the Fish Project to help stop winter kill of fish by suffocation from lack of oxygen.  At first the Minnesota D.N.R. would check the oxygen in the lake in the winter months and determine when the pumps should be turned on.  The aerators would agitate the lake water there by not allowing a freeze over.

In 1988 the 2hp pumps were replaces by 2 15hp pumps that were used for the next 8 years.  In 1996 a new system was introduced called the Helixes System.  This system is safer and more reliable.  The Helixes System consists of perforated piping on the bottom of the lake which sends oxygen bubbles throughout the lake area.

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